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A New Electric Scooter in India is launched at Rs 47,000 and it has a range of 110 km per charge

Avan Motors launched a new electric scooter in India for an ex-showroom price of Rs 47,000. The Xero+ scooter was first showcased by Avan in September 2018. And now the electric scooter is available for sale in the Avan Dealerships across the country.

new electric scooter motorcyclediaries
New Electric Scooter in India – Avan Xero+ has 110 Km Range with 2 batteries

The electric powertrain of this scooter consists of 24 Ah Li-ion Battery pack which is rated at 48 Volts. The BLDC motor, which is integrated into the rear wheel, is rated at 800 Watts. The charging of battery pack requires 2-4 hours time from a 5A home socket. The top speed of the electric scooter is 45 kmph and can take 150 Kg load. A Single battery pack will provide 60 Km range and a variant of 2 battery pack will be good for whooping 110 Km range in a single charge. The maximum gradient the scooter can climb is 8-degrees.

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At a kerb weight of 80 Kg is pretty low but still, performance won’t be brisk considering the fact that Motor power is about 1.1 bhp (800 W). Braking duties are taken care of by Front Disc brake and Rear Drum brake. In our Opinion, the brakes will provide enough braking power to stop this lightweight electric scooter.

Avan Xero+ can Run 110 Km in one Charge

The styling is subjective and nothing special to talk about. An instrument cluster is an all-digital unit with basic information on the display. The Utility Box at the rear part looks bland. But it will store basic things like a water bottle, small bags etc.

new electric scooter motorcyclediaries
New Electric Scooter in India – Avan Xero+ has 45 kmph top speed

Speaking about the new series, Pankaj Tiwari, Business Development Head, Avan Motors said, “Electric vehicles are the future of commuting and our vehicles have shown that eco-friendliness need not come at the cost of less performance. The Xero+ has received great response from our users and comes at a very practical price point. Continuing with its success story further, Avan plans to launch new scooters and vehicles across categories to meet the needs of a wide consumer segment.”

new electric scooter motorcyclediaries
New Electric Scooter in India – Avan Xero+ is available in Red, Blue, & White

He further said, “Every product will be a unique one in its category, equipped with an array of features that will make them a leader in their respective segments. We are also working with advanced technology that promises to enhance the user experience and benefit them in different ways. With our new range of e-scooters and an effective pricing strategy, we want to encourage more people to go the EV way. Not just as a novelty but as a big part of their lifestyle, becoming the norm rather than an alternative.”

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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