Ducati product line up for 2019 will start with three new models and a bunch of updates

Ducati tore it through the roof with a selection of gorgeous new motorcycles at EICMA’19 Milan. And across the entire classification with a new one for every category. The new Panigale V4 R is more a track focussed version of the V4, with weight reduction and higher rev limit. Diavel 1260 promises more comfort and better handling this time, and the Hypermotard 950 gets lighter with more electronic aid. Literally every model will get an update together with a selection of new Scramblers.

Ducati Panigale V4 Rducait v4r motorcyclediaries

Yeah right, like the V4 wasn’t already near perfect! The R version will cater to more track focused riders. Air intake efficiency helps increase rpm ceiling by 2,250rpm resulting in 221bhp at a sky high 15,250rpm. But apart from producing a lot of power, handling is the highlight of this model. It has carbon fibre aerofoil appendages for increased aerodynamic stability, which is claimed to reduce electronic dependability. Good thing as V4 has a lot of electronic aids for riders, but dedicated enthusiasts may need less aids. Also they somehow found 2kg to shave off the kerb weight, should improve handling dynamics.

Ducati Diavel 1260ducati diavel

Diavel finally enters its second generation with more performance and chassis updates. The engine now delivers 159bhp power and 129Nm torque. Riding position is exactly the same with comfort in mind, but chassis has been upgraded to favour sharper handling. There will be an S version on offer with adjustable Ohlins suspension at both ends, quick shifter and uprated brakes.

Ducati Hypermotard 950ducati hypermotard 950

Hypermotard fans have been waiting a long time for an actual update. The new 950 is 4kg lighter and a new makeover. Muscles have grown to produce 114bhp now along with a full battery of electronics, slide by brake, wheelie control, quick shifter, and much more. The SP version will pack taller Ohlins shocks, forged wheels and a standard quick shifter.

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