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This CES has got a lot to unveil, First a riderless bike and now vehicle communication system. Skynet in the making?

For the first time, Ducati, together with Audi and Ford, took part in US demonstration of a communication system that interlinks vehicles, street infrastructure and pedestrians.

Ducati, Audi, Ford, and Qualcomm Technologies announced the companies’ continued joint efforts to help accelerate deployment of C-V2X direct communication technology for roadside safety, traffic efficiency and automated driving.

ducati cv2x motorcycle diaries

This is how it works

In the on-going CES 2019. A Ducati multistrada 1260 as well as Ford and Audi vehicles, demonstrated driving situations utilizing C-V2X direct communication. C-V2X, equipped in all the vehicles and then demonstrated its effective working in an intersection. C-V2X can be used between the vehicles to negotiate the right way of entering a four-way, non-signalized intersection. And also where intention sharing, and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) conditions are present.

cv2x motorcycle diaries

The companies also exhibited additional direct communication safety scenarios. These included, Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle-to-Pedestrian (V2P) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I). These scenarios effectively demonstrated the maturity and potential of C-V2X technology.

Check out the video of C-V2X live demonstration in Europe.

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“This demonstration is showing use cases in which advanced technologies can significantly improve the safety of motorcycle users,” said Pierluigi Zampieri, Vehicle Innovation Manager at
Ducati Motor Holding. “C-V2X communication is one of the key projects of the Ducati 2025 safety road-map. There’s no better place than CES to talk about our road-map towards the future”.

cv2x motorcycle diaries“Imagine a person suddenly steps into the street from out of view and your vehicle stops because it was alerted by that person’s smartphone. This is just one example of how C-V2X can connect smart vehicles to a smart world,” said Don Butler, executive director, Ford Connected Vehicle Platform and Product. “We invite other automakers, governments and tech companies to join the significant momentum building for a C-V2X ecosystem”.

Watch the video to know how C-V2X will make roads safer.

Ducati has been working on making its bikes safer ever since 2016, and the Italian bike manufacturer’s claims of making cornering ABS standard on every model should hold some merit to this testament. In fact, the company states that we can expect a radar-equipped bike (most likely the Multistrada) as early as 2020. This will be followed by a C-V2X equipped model, which should make it to the roads before 2025. The future of motorcycling sure seems promising and we can’t wait to see first hand how these safety systems work.

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