Suzuki Hayabusa Creed Owners Community

Suzuki Hayabusa Creed Owners Community in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Banglore

Suzuki Hayabusa Creed Owners Community:  The bicycle manufacturer organized Hayabusa Ride-outs around four cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore. The ride-outs watched the riders become members of their community that was exclusive.

The ‘Hayabusa Day’ celebrates soul and the fire of riding and owning a Hayabusa. Hayabusa Creed is an effort to convey our gratitude to each of Hayabusa proprietor in India who personify these features and also have led to the cult status that this legendary bike enjoys.”

Suzuki Hayabusa Creed Owners CommunityHe further stated, “Hayabusa Creed is a stage for all of the members to observe the pride of possession and revel in the exclusivity and whistles personalized for this particular community. We’re convinced that not only will the Hayabusa owners enjoy being a part of the exclusive neighborhood, but this can help us in developing Hayabusa Creed from strength to strength in the next several years.”

Suzuki India states the activities are intended for Hayabusa Creed members and will include specialist session rides, security tips information and more. The bicycle maker has produced a microsite for the Creed community. By registering on the website present Suzuki Hayabusa owners may be a component of the club.

Suzuki Hayabusa Creed Owners CommunityThe prevalence of this superbike fails to slough off, even though the Suzuki Hayabusa is supposed to transfer to the next generation shortly. The bike is one of the performance bikes, in actuality, and has a cult following in India and internationally to the locals in the nation. The following generation Suzuki Hayabusa has been thought to be under development and are the new flagship of the company with turbocharging.

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