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Upcoming Next-Gen Suzuki Hayabusa Motorcycle Details

Next-gen Suzuki Hayabusa

Next-gen Suzuki Hayabusa come with semi-auto gearbox for next generation speed demon

Next-gen Suzuki Hayabusa: The Hayabusa was anticipating an upgrade, and we can observe some interesting developments on the third-generation version.

In its 19-year manufacturing run, the bicycle received just one major facelift, that was a decade back in 2008. Throughout the past couple of decades, nevertheless, Suzuki had succeeded at bringing the next generation of this Hayabusa, and it seems like we could eventually find a brand new bike in 2019, that will be whenever the legendary bike reaches its 20th anniversary.

Details of this third-generation Hayabusa have emerged on the web and it appears the wait was well worthwhile. Recent patent pictures demonstrate that Suzuki is working on a brand new semi-automatic gearbox alternative that could indicate a brand new leadership for the iconic bike, together with vacationing gaining more prominence along with outright flat-rate rate.

Next-gen Suzuki Hayabusa : This system will differ in function into the dual-clutch DCT transmission around the Honda Africa Twin, and you’ll be able to imagine it as an automatic mechanism to change gears in a conventional gearbox. What’s more, the patent drawing indicates that Suzuki unit has been fitted and does not require any alterations to the interior mechanism. This usually means the semi automatic gearbox could be provided as a retrofit option on other bikes too.

The Hayabusa has always been popular with people from the drag racing circuit, and today, with the newest bicycle, Suzuki would like to go a step farther. It is very likely that the approaching motorcycle is going to be fitted with controller, which makes it much easier for the less experienced to sharply start the bicycle off the ground.

The semi automatic gearbox is not the only upgrade we are hoping for your Hayabusa, however there is still a great deal of debate about exactly what if this is going to be a lookup engine. Ability could grow to approximately 1,400cc, and also to maintain up the power (and in accord with new emissions legislation), Suzuki can also have a lesson in the Recursion Concept of 2013 and provide turbocharging. The bicycle maker is seeking to take the Hayabusa back to the peak of the match, so these attributes might just make it into production in light of new rivals such as Kawasaki’s supercharged H2 range. A goal of 200hp or even more is secure to anticipate.

Among the huge handicaps faced by the recent Hayabusa is that the shortage of electronic equipment. The upcoming model will likely be filled with an all-new electrical bundle inspired by the brand new GSX-R1000, such as ride-by-wire, multiple travel manners, multi-level grip controller, IMU, cornering ABS, wheelie control and cruise control. The Hayabusa’s iconic oval design doctrine is very likely to stay, but with tweaks for enhanced aerodynamic performance.

Whether Suzuki will build the third-generation Hayabusa in India is something which only time will reply.

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