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    Peugeot Scooter India Launch Put On Hold | Why?

    Peugeot Scooter India Launch

    Peugeot scooter India launch put on hold as Mahindra is not able to meet with the Cost expectations in India

    Peugeot Scooter India Launch: Mahindra has acquired a 51 percent stake in Peugeot Scooters in 2014 and the strategy was launching premium scooters below the Peugeot brand in 2017-18. Currently, Mahindra has made a decision to place on hold on its own aims of Peugeot scooter launching in India. The main reason the Peugeot scooters won’t be found anytime soon is that Mahindra wasn’t able to cost the Peugeot scooters based on Indian purchaser’s expectations.

    Peugeot Scooter India Launch

    Since the brand was obtained in 2014, Mahindra was conducting many client clinics to comprehend their tastes and to figure out the ideal product positioning on the industry. But it resembles Mahindra has hit a roadblock because it superior pricing character the Peugeot scooters need.

    The business was designed to present two to 3 Peugeot scooters in India. The two scooters fall beneath 125cc superior scooter section. The 125cc scooter section is becoming very well known in the past few months.

    Peugeot Scooter India Launch

    Which range from 50cc-400cc, the Peugeot scooters now available across Europe might be fabricated in India and exported into other markets. With an increasing number of manufacturers turning into India courtesy of their much better economies of scale, Mahindra can do exactly the exact same and export those premium scooters out of its own two-wheeler facility. This may even help Peugeot to enlarge its foundation in different markets besides Europe. Coming to the India launch, it remains to be seen exactly what approach will the Scorpio manufacturer embrace as scooterisation is a happening that’s in anger.

    Having said that, recall Mahindra had obtained the ownership of this iconic Jawa bikes brand a couple of decades back. The business confirmed the first automobile beneath the Jawa manufacturer will be released until the end of the forthcoming fiscal year.

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