Hero MotoCorp is ready to Electric future says working on various EV projects for next decade

The largest manufacturer of two-wheelers in India, Hero MotoCorp clears out the fact that it is working on various electric two-wheeler projects. The Splendor makers have requested the GOI to create a clear and more cautious as well as realistic roadmap for the adoption of the electric mobility.

Pawan Munjal, Chairman, Hero MotoCorp said. “The entire world is adopting the global mobility trends of electrification (EVs), shared mobility and connected two-wheelers. The company is working on several EV projects and is fully geared up for this challenge,” Munjal said.


Hero MotoCorp has already invested a good deal of money in Ather Energy last year. Atehr has launched its first product and is working to expand into other cities.

Pawan Munjal said that the company supports and appreciates GOI’s vision of an environment-friendly future. He also states that the company is ready to take up the EV challenge for the next decade.

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“We, therefore, propose a more cautious, clear and realistic roadmap towards the adoption of EVs. The scale and timing of the adoption need prudent deliberations and we will gladly support all stakeholders in this process,” he added.

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At the Center of Innovation and Technology (CIT), Jaipur, the engineers are already working on projects related to Electric mobility on two-wheels. He further expressed that GOI can help the auto industry to gain momentum by reducing the GST on two-wheelers. At present, the GST is fixed at 28% for all kinds of bikes and scooters. However, the GST on EVs has been reduced to barebone 5% in a bid to boost the sales.

It is yet to be seen when the Government will look at the downfall of Indian auto Industry. If GST on all fossil fuel powered vehicles is reduced, the sales will pick up and hence the economy will come back on track.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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