destini 125 review

It’s raining scooters, isn’t it! And mighty good ones at that. They are all getting bigger and fancier with more features to boast in front of fellow motorcyclists. And why not! Scooters are comfortable, have decent storage, handle sharp now and can be even ridden by toddlers. But with so many benefits come so many options. Every manufacturer wants to have a piece of the pie. The recent is Hero Motocorp with its new Destini 125 in the premiumish scooter category. Hero also promises better fuel efficiency figures in its segment as they have equipped Destini with i3S technology. We were given a short ride to get a look and feel of the Hero Destini 125 at its launch.destini 125 review

Hero Destini 125: Looks modern

The styling of the Destini 125 has been kept in tune with present times, with a mixture of subtle lines highlighted by shiny chrome. You get a big bow of chrome in the front with a large head lamp which gels well together. Colours aren’t loud at all, in fact the four of them are nice and exude a classy appeal. The seat has been given a nice dual texture too which looks great and flows well with the overall design. One grip I have is the exhaust shield in that ghastly grey colour. Somebody just paint it black and tuck it in a little more inside the body. The tail section too is decent with a large tail lamp which was visible from a distance in bright sunlight. But the coolest of all are the wheels, they are small in diameter, just 12inch, but the design looks good.

Hero Destini 125: Rides smooth

The bigger engine does mean more power and easier pickup with a pillion on board. Destini has a 124.5cc single cylinder air cooled engine which makes 8.7bhp power and 10.2Nm torque. It is better in every way against a 110cc for sure. Power delivery is quicker, more eager and leaner too. And Hero claims you’ll get almost 50kmpl too through regular use. The highlight of course is the i3S tech that now comes in Destini 125. Basically an engine start/stop system, it saves unnecessary burning of fuel while idling. If it idles for more than 5sec, engine shuts off, and restarts when you set off. It’s a bit tricky to get used to first, but soon you’ll get its smart enough for regular use. There is a switch to turn the system off, but why I do not get, if you wanted it off why’d you buy it! Destini gets an Integrated Braking system which makes immediate braking safer. You press the rear brake and the other gets applied simultaneously. Suspension too is in the middle of too soft and medium, meaning tuned for more comfort. But it still held its lines through quick roundabouts. Decent enough, but will get to know more when we use it for a longer period.destini 125 review

Hero Destini 125: Equipped right

You get all the necessary modern amenities usual on scooters today, digital-analogue meter, tubeless tyres, spacious boot with light, external fuel filling, etc. As convenience every lock on the scooter is wrapped in the ignition keyhole, press and twist in the opposite direction to open the boot or the fuel filler cap. The seat is large and accommodating. It has a nice looking texture too making it looks classier. All in all it has more than what you could ask for in the segment. The only issue is that it should have had better brakes, a disc at the least in the VX.


Definitely one of the aces in Hero’s hand, Destini is the cheapest 125cc scooter in the market. It is comfortable enough to carry two people every day without being lethargic. And will return good fuel efficiency thanks to its i3S system. The price point itself makes a big statement, in fact why pick a 110cc anymore when you can have a 125. I’ll definitely wait to ride it for a longer period, but as far as first impressions go, Destini 125 is nicely placed.destini 125 review

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