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Honda India has made few changes to the CB300R for India, and we like none

Honda recently upped the game in performance bike segment by launching much anticipated CB300R Neo Sports Cafe motorcycle in the Indian market at a price tag of Rs 2.41 lakh ex-showroom, Pan India. Here is the list of changes in the Indian version of CB300R.

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Changes in Honda CB300R – Less Power

Lesser Power

The Indian version of Honda CB300R produces 30.016 bhp @8000 rpm whereas the UK version develops 30.95 bhp @8500 rpm. The torque is also 0.1 Nm less than the international version but peaks out at 6500 rpm rather than 7500 rpm in UK spec bike. Torque availability at lower rpm is better for Indian road conditions. Honda has not given any official statement on why the power figures are less than the international version.

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honda cb300r motorcycle diaries
Changes in Honda CB300R – Less Torque

More Weight

Honda CB300R in the Uk weigh just 143 Kg but all the way to India, the motorcycle has gained some weight. The CB300R is heavier by 4 kg and thus tips the scale at 147 Kg. Saree Guard alone has not increased the weight by 4 kilos and other things could be the culprit too.

Honda CB300R
Changes in Honda CB300R – Increased Weight

Changes in Body Dimensions

Desi CB300R has larger body dimensions than the UK version. To start with, the Length is increased by 16 mm, Width has been increased by a whopping 86 mm and height is minuscule 1 mm more than the English Version. L x W x H – All dimensions are in mm-

India – 2028 x 888 x 1053
UK – 2012 x 802 x 1052

honda cb300r motorcycle diaries
Changes in Honda CB300R – Shorter Wheelbase


In the UK, Honda CB300R has a wheelbase of 1352 mm but here in India, the wheelbase is reduced to 1344 mm which is 8 mm lesser. Had the wheelbase remained the same, the high-speed stability of bike would retain.

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Changes in Honda CB300R – Fatter USD Forks

USD Forks

The United Kingdom Honda Website states that Honda CB300R comes equipped with 37 mm USD forks but here in India there are 41 mm USD forks, God Knows what’s happening?

honda cb300r price in india motorcyclediaries
Changes in Honda CB300R – Too Pricey


Honda CB300R launched in India for Rs 2.41 Lakh ex-showroom, Pan India. The Bike in bought in India via CKD route the bike is pretty expensive for what it offers. Though Honda says that they have received around 400 bookings for the Neo Sports Cafe, we think that the sales will be very low after the fulfillment of the pre-order book.

There is no chance for Honda to sell CB300R in good numbers as there are better bikes in the same price range, KTM 390 Duke offers far more performance than what Honda can deliver. The Royal Enfield 650 Twins also offer more performance and feel in the same price range.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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