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Bajaj Urbanite will be the brand for electric two-wheelers from Bajaj

A Couple of months back, Rajiv Bajaj stated that Bajaj is working towards the development of electric two-wheelers for the Indian market. The folks at Team-BHP spied the testing of an Urbanite electric scooter near Pune. This may be the first ever testing prototype of upcoming electric scooter brand from Bajaj.

bajaj urbanite motorcyclediaries

As you have seen in the previous blueprints of the Urbanite electric scooter, you can make out that scooter will get LED head and tail lights and that’s pretty obvious. Speaking about the powertrain, you might find it a bit odd. As per electric scooters standards, there is no large centrifugal clutch and CVT cover on the left side of the rear tyre, but Urbanite has it.

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Does this mean that it is a petrol scooter? No, it’s not. There is no exhaust muffler seen on the right side of the rear tyre. What I feel is that there is an electric motor fitted inside the swingarm. This will provide two main benefits – first, the motor will not take up space under the seat and second, the motor will not be mounted on the rear wheel which increases the unsprung weight.

Urbanite will be the first electric scooter from a mainstream manufacturer in India

upcoming bikes from bajaj motorcyclediaries

If this speculation comes out to be true, there will be more under-seat storage space, even with batteries included. You can expect the scooter to be powered by a 3-4 kW electric Motor. The battery pack will be made up of lithium-ion cells with a capacity of 2-3 kWh. It is expected that Urbanite electric scooter will have a range of around 100 km accessed by a top speed of 80 kmph.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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