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The Italian automaker has shifted its focus towards making its range of scooters BS6 compliant

Aprilia, who was supposed to launch RS150 sports bike and Tuono 150 touring bike in India in 2020 now says that they have shelved those plans. According to a Money COntrol report, the company has shifted its entire energy towards the development of BS6 engines for its range of scooters. It is also said that they are working on an electric two-wheeler for the Indian market.

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Aprilia BS6

BS6 emission norms which are slated to implement on 1st April 2020. This will be the first time India will be skipping an emission norm standard which is BS5. This extreme move is taken by the government to control air pollution in the country. Ever since the sales of automobiles picked up pace in India, the air pollution went out of control. Several major Indian cities are counted in the topmost polluted cities in the world.

BS6 will help control the emission of harmful gases like oxides of nitrogen and sulfur. Particulate matter from the Diesel engines poses a major threat to respiratory health. BS6 is especially to subdue PM 2.5 and PM 10 from the Diesel engines. Petrol engines will require moderate changes to the ECU and Exhaust to comply with BS6 norms. The cost will rise across all the segments in the industry.

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Aprilia BS6

Aprilia RS150, if launched, will rival against the established Yamaha R15 V3. However, the Tuono 150 would have become the first of its kind touring motorcycle in 150cc segment. The Italian company is looking forward to the electrification of its three-wheeler segment and might launch an electric two-wheeler in the form of Vespa Elettrica.

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Diego Graffi, MD and CEO, Piaggio Vehicles, said to Money COntrol. “I can confirm that the interest for the segment and what would be the market opportunity for it here in India exists. The brand will be Aprilia, the kind of bike will be a premium, mid-range with engine size between 150cc and 250cc. We are studying various options and are trying to find what would be the best offering at the time we will be entering the market.”

aprilia rs150 motorcycle diaries
Aprilia BS6

Aprilia currently sells SR150, SR125 and Storm 125 scooters in the Indian market. Storm 125 is the most affordable in the lot with a price tag of Rs 65,000 ex-showroom.

“At present, we do not have a fixed date. It has taken a little bit longer than what we had planned initially as we want to find the best trade-off between what is the expected price and what is the level of local content (in the bikes) we are introducing,” Graffi added.

Aprilia SR125 is priced at Rs 73,000 while top of the line SR150 will set you back by Rs 84,000. The prices are ex-showroom.

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