One of the oldest biking comminities in Nagpur is also the most respected clubs of Nagpur. A lot of aspiring riders can learn a lot from the high spirits of Waderlust members.

The excerpts from wanderlust team itself are written below, describing the passion and the realm of bieng a biking enthusiasts.


Feb 15th 2004

The Great Spirit Roars high and mighty on the not so quiet Indian highways, And the ThrottleTorque Infested Iron Hearts of our ROYAL ENFIELD MOTORCYCLES Glow and Growl with Life Anew each new day.

The Roads less Thundered on call our Names like the Spirits of the Wild calling upon their WANDERING Children. Defiance is Dancing Raw and Naked as we Roar Ferociously in the face of average everything else. Our In-Exhaustible LUST for WANDERING Fuels our Dream to Achieve the ultimate MotorCycling Experience, and it Never shall Miss a Beat.

A Gargantuan “Biker-Brother Salute” Penetrates the Storms and Thunders the Lightnings home like the CrazyHorse Chrome Gods and Rusty Angels we Ride.


All the above blah blah still relevant and aside, we’re still as crazy as we were on day one. many have come and gone down the years, some due to family pressure, business, academic or job commitments or just basic lack of interest, in-ability or drive to believe in what we set out to do. Also stemming from the fact that when it comes to members, we believe only in quality and not quantity.

A club of absolute equals, each one of us is as different from one another as chalk and titties. Each one unique in his own way, the only common binding factors [love for the machine and the open road] still remain the same. Down the years we’ve traveled, as a club or as individuals representing the club, up and down the length and breadth of our incredible India, with eyes constantly set upon the globe. We’ve constantly been at war and peace with each other, like a mad band of crazy brothers, which has brought about a bonding between the club members that’s now like an unshakeable family.

Our aim has not only been to travel the land, but also a constant, evolving journey of self discovery as we travel.

Dedicated as hard to partying as we are to riding, there’s never a dull moment with a ‘Luster around as we go about our hellraising and living not by man made rules, but by the basic two things called common sense and a sense of responsibility towards ourselves, each other, our machines, the highways and the world we live in.

We also pride ourselves upon the fact that before we completed our 3rd year, we became the youngest club to host a Rider Mania [2007] with a team of just 9 dedicated members at that time.

With the founding place and headquarters being Nagpur, India, we now have dedicated Thundergods [our alter-ego] as near and/or as far as Bombay, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Australia.

Through all the years, down all the roads and all the madness, we have stayed and will continue to stay true to the 3 rules we had vowed to stay true to. Coz we still haven’t had enough of:

1. Rockin’ Hard
2. Ridin’ High
3. Livin’ Free

Website – http://bobmcridermania.com/



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