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With Women’s Day right around the corner, women riders across the country have another reason to celebrate their individuality and passion. Harley-Davidson India have decided to honour them by launching a new chapter that is exclusive to women; the ‘Ladies of Harley’.

The aim of the chapter is to appreciate the women riders who have taken up leisure motorcycling and provide them with a platform to share their interests with other like-minded women. The chapter is open to the ever-growing number of women riders and pillions. Like the other chapters of Harley-Davidson, this one also boasts of its own embroidered patch and pin. Check out the launch video for the chapter on the Harley-Davidson social media channel.

Pallavi Singh, Director Marketing, Harley-Davidson India says, “In India we have seen strong interest amongst women to join the sport of leisure motorcycling and ride their own motorcycles. This women’s day, inducting Ladies of Harley as a chapter is our way of celebrating the free spirit of women Harley-Davidson riders and we hope to inspire many more.”


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