No Helmets No Balancing. BMW is shaping a new future for Motorcycling!

BMW has showcased a self- balancing motorcycle that allows riders to cruise without a helmet — all the fun of riding with no danger or safety issues.


BMW has revealed the Motorrad Vision Next 100, a sharp self-balancing prototype is a part of its 100th anniversary celebration.

This machine has zero emissions, and has self-balancing wheels which are designed to stand upright even at a complete stop — the stability will make sure that the rider doesn’t need any helmet.


Edgar Heinrich who is the Design Director of BMW’s motorcycle division, has stated, “Its self-balancing system will protect the rider at any given time. Any late reaction from the drive will trigger and the vehicle will balance out.”

He further added, “In the future, motorcycle riders will be able to enjoy riding without any protective gear.” But it can be an issue in many countries which mandate the compulsory usage of protective gear. Moreover the self-balancing technology is still in the developmental stage. Currently many auto makers are emphasising on the auto pilot technology. Hence BMW think tank doesn’t want to fall behind when it comes technological innovations.


Holger Hampf, BMW’s head of user experience said: “The bike has the full range of connected data from its surroundings and a set of intelligent systems working in the background, so it knows exactly what lies ahead,”.


As a matter of fact the German Auto Maker aims to commercialize fully autonomous vehicles by 2021. BMW has been trying to collaborate with US computer chip giant Intel and Israeli technology firm Mobileye to develop self-driving cars.


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