Few companies in the world can say they build the things that make the world turn. Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (KHI), is one of them. Best known commercially for manufacturing powersport products, KHI draws much of its engineering innovations from what it does in the heavy industries. From aircraft engines and bullet trains to bridges and power plants, there’s no limit to what KHI can do.

Bullet Trains

You already know KHI builds machines that move people. But, did you know it also builds machine that move thousand of people- all at once? We’re talking trains here. From New York City subway cars to Japan’s hyper-speed bullet trains, Kawasaki has been in the business since 1906. Whether a 186-mph bullet train or a 1,1441cc Ninja ZX-14R motocycle, KHI likes to believe that the technology that goes into moving thousand of people has a positive effect on how it goes about moving just one.


Since KHI built its first motorcycle in 1953, they’ve never stopped pushing technology to arm riders with what they need to dominate the streets. Advanced engineering, exhaustive testing, and tireless passion go into every motorcycle every time rubber hits the road. From industry-first features to the features that have evolved over a long history, KHI’s innovations will never stop feeding the insatiable appetites of riders around the world.


Sportbike or commercial jet, KHI builds the engines that power both. Since 1937, KHI has been a leading manufacturer of aircrafts and aircraft engines, so to say they were born from jets couldn’t be more true. From helicopters and commercial jets to 1,441cc sportbikes and 310-hp Jet Ski® watercraft, it’s their technology in the sky that ignites their innovation down below.

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