Motorcycle Boot Camp

Calling all Harley-Davidson and motorcycling enthusiasts alike,  giving us the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with one of the most iconic brands in the motorcycling world. The Harley-Davidson experience is not just about the motorcycles, it is about the legacy of a historic brand, it’s about being part of a worldwide community of like minded individuals who gather together to experience the brotherhood that is Harley-Davidson and the sense of freedom that the motorcycles provide. This session that goes in-depth into the world of Harley-Davidson and its motorcycles, is divided into a 30 minute briefing and a 30 minute ride.

The briefing starts off with an introduction to the brand, its origin and history; it will then go into a talk about the whole Harley-Davidson experience followed by a short video of a Harley-Davidson rally. The next part of the briefing goes into the key features of each of the product families which would be helpful in selecting the motorcycle that is best suited for your needs.

The second half of the session is the ride which starts off with a safety briefing and an explanation about the key features of each bike followed by a short ride. So don’t waste any time and book your seat as there are only a limited seats available, all you need to bring along is your valid motorcycle driving license.

Date and time: 1 November

Sunday. 10AM- 6 PM

Venue: To be announced


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