Tides turn for everyone, this time it happened to Suzuki

Suzuki launched the SF 250 in the month of May and after that, in the same month, Suzuki sold about 1500 units of the new faired bike. However, it is not clear whether these units were the one which was dispatched to the dealers or these were sold to the end-users. In June 2019, the sales of Gixxer 250 was reported to be Zero then came the July where the sales increased to 284 units.


But don’t you think 284 units are too low for a new quarter-liter bike which offered a lot of value for what it asked. Honda CBR 250R, on the other hand, found just 48 homes in July 2019. This number was down from 404 units in July 2018. Leave aside the Honda as they are not interested to expand their presence in the premium motorcycle segment in India. And they should not try to do so as they tend to price their products at a premium and cannot justify that. This causes Honda vehicles to lose its value and in turn low sales.

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In my opinion, Suzuki has failed to attract young customers towards the Gixxer SF 250. Otherwise, as an overall package, the Gixxer 250 is an amazing and value-based package. Speaking about the ride, Gixxer SF 250 is stable around the corners and has solid straight-line stability. However, the engine, though punchy, is not that exciting to ride. Moreover, the bike can become a very capable tourer once you have attached a larger windshield in the front.


The recently launched MotoGP edition of the Suzuki Gixxer SF 250 can help drive some sales but one cannot guarantee this. As Bajaj has managed to increase the sales of its new Dominar 400 by proving better value there is little chance for Gixxer SF 250 to grow. Only time will tell us how Gixxer SF 250 turns out to be in the near future.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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