It’s an experience that makes you a life doctor.

When motorcyclists opt for long rides, rides which cover thousands of kilometers on undiscovered roads, you are most vulnerable but on the other side there is a lot you discover on those roads untraveled. A safely concluded long distance ride reaffirms one’s belief in being grateful to circumstances and people who made things happen for you rather than gloat on one’s own.
However, the best teaching one gets out of long distance riding is the ability to appreciate that the finest things in life which are the simplest ones and we have all forgotten to enjoy and appreciate.

Long rides are incomparable because of the experience and moments it offers when we get onto our motorcycle on those untraveled terrains:

  1. Sipping hot tea at a high altitude with a a spectacular view and heart melt service by the locals.


  2. A short break in which we get to stretch our bones or for a sip of water after a long morning ride.

233. A simple yet wholesome meal, no fancy dishes and exotic ingredients needed while one rides. Simplicity at its best!

214. At times there are no thoughts at all about what we left behind before reaching here and then there are times when our thoughts run wild and we imagine the impossibilities or hum our favorite songs under that visor.

15. Random conversations with fellow travelers and locals.

47. The connection of one’s soul to that of the machine.

166. The vitality and beauty of the nature that surrounds you.

19 17 15 14 12 11 10 9 7 6 5 2And all incomparable experience, memories and confidence we bring along.

All the images in the articles are taken from our ride to Spiti Valley, Leh-Ladakh and Kashmir named ‘The Extreme Ride’.

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