The debate can go on forever, some find it cool without a helmet as they flaunt their hair while riding and some find helmet as a style statement, however i thought of penning down Top 10 Reasons for not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle.


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#10 – Because you are an idiot, and the world already has enough of those.

#9 – You’ve just been informed that a brain injury would actually help you out.

#8 – You suffer from anemia, and need more protein via ram-air bug consumption.

#7 – Head injuries just don’t worry you that much. Look at Gary Busey; he turned out great after his head hit a curb.

#6 – A heavy helmet is too much for your weak chicken-neck! Wahh!

#5 РThe aprroximately 180 degree face-shield opening on a full face helmet is not wide enough for your forward  facing eyes, that have a field of view of approximately 190 degrees! That 10 extra degrees is more important to you than your brain! And you refuse to turn your head a little bit more to make up for it!

#4 – You are a handsome/beautiful man/woman, and you would hate to deprive the world of viewing your personage.

#3 – Statistics are for stupid people, especially the statistics that show that helmets reduce fatalities by nearly 1/3. Once again, let me remind you, statistics are for stupid people.

#2 – You just spent a lot of money on a haircut, and a helmet would ruin it. Please see #4 to get more information on this. It is important.

#1 – Because you are an idiot, and the world already has enough of those.


find¬†this one edgy, then wait for more…

Think we all should wear a helmet, Even Iron Man wears it!


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