Low beam headlights fail in the dark and then their are brands who cares about our struggle and hardships we face while riding. BMW is one realible brand that always come up with a better and advance technology and again they gave us a surprise with the Adaptive corner headlights for motorcycles, technology that brings the promise of brighter light, greater illumination further down the roads and the ability to help rider spot pedestrians, animals or other objects as soon as possible.


The Adaptive Headlight technology on the upcoming K1600GT finally solves one of the most maddening problems on pretty much every motorcycle while riding in the dark. In the dark it just tilt the headlight according to your lean angle along with an electronic system that adjusts the headlight’s beam to compensate for front and rear pitch as well keeping the beam flat and optimised for best visibility to light your way around a corner as you turn it.


A control unit actuates a mechanism in the headlamps module, causing the headlights to fade out the appropriate area of the illuminating system, masking out other road users detected in the beams’ cone of light and avoiding glare into the eyes of the driver of the oncoming vehicle.


BMW deserves unreserved extol for coming up with its Adaptive Headlight system that senses your lean angle and uses a tilting reflector to aim the beam the way you’re leaning.

On dark highways in the countryside it’s always a good idea to have the Adaptive Headlight as they can illuminate much further than low beams are able to.


Cornering headlights solve all the problem illumination of the area to the side of the vehicle, making night-time parking and turning safer.

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