The major factor is, more and more women are picking motorcycle as their leisure activity and opting to ride their own motorcycles. There is no doubt that more and more women are are moving ahead from pillion seat to the rider seat and positioning themselves as an important segment in motorcycle world.

According to Motorcycle Industry Council stats, women comprise 12.3% of the motorcycling population, the percentage has grown up from 9.6% in 2003, 8.2% in 1998 and 6.4% in 1990. According to the Ethan Rouen (2004) the Motorcycle Industry Council says that one third of the 3 million female riders are college educated, with professional or managerial positions in the workforce and have a median income of $52,730.

I don’t understand why it is even a question that why you(female riders) want to ride a motorcycle?

Its a motorcycle, anyone can get onto it. Its a mode of transportation which comes with added sense of freedom, independence and thrill and everyone has the right to choose their needs and desire to do things which are not stereotyped that our society has placed onto us. Majority has faced resistance to their decision to ride their own motorcycles but i will tell you a fact, as per statistics, one-third of female riders have completed a certified Motorcycle Safety Course, which is proportionally more than the entire motorcyclist population and also they are more responsible and cautious while riding which concludes that they are more deserving in this category.


What motorcycle industry should work on?

  • While the motorcycle industry has not made any significant efforts to modify their products to attract more female riders, as this segment of the consumer group continues to grow, the motorcycle industry will have to make certain modifications to their products in order to accommodate the female riders, since women tend to focus on the safety and aesthetics of a motorcycle rather than the horse power and loud pipes.
  • Offering lower seat heights, better center of gravity and more appealing colors for motorcycles would also go a long way in drawing women in to buy new bikes. These changes would help the women who want to ride their own motorcycles.
  • Possibly sponsoring and showcasing more female riders in either racing events, magazines or some other media event would be the next step to give all the faith and confidence women require while or before riding a motorcycle.

As the number of female riders continues to increase, this consumer segment could begin to have an impact on how the motorcycle industry designs their products. While motorcycles and accessories have been primarily designed for the male consumers, as more women are educated consumers, they want motorcycles and accessories that fit their needs and desires.

So help female to learn how to train and educate young women to participate in activities that have been primarily dominated by men in the past, which in turn could give women additional enrichment to their lives.

Since the phenomenon of female motorcycle riders is a growing, there is so much that motorcycle industry have to start working upon the wants and needs of female motorcyclists.

To know more about the history of Women and Motorcycle click here: Women and Motorcycle

Stats, survey and information has been taken from a report by Motorcycle Industry Council

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