Today’s era is all about new technology and advance innovations. Innovations are the birth of necessities which are truly proven to be the mother of all inventions. Here we are talking about the first world’s smartest motorcycle helmet named SKULLY AR-1. It has been said that The CEO of skully Marcus Weller was ones out for a world tour and there he was riding a motorbike which was crashed from a back of a car in Barcelona when he was shifting the lane without noticing the rear view and caught by an accident. There itself he realized the use of rear view camera and GPS navigation to save people’s lives.


The future of motorcycle helmet is now in the focus of tacticians. Marcus has designed a helmet for the digital age which is going to change the future of racing. This helmet is inbuilt with a rear view camera with a google glass which displays ultra wide angle of 180degree view of your rear head from your helmet and unique due to its light weight with aerodynamic polycarbonate shell.


Skully is equipped with anti-fog, anti-scratch and anti-glare visor allowing the rider to see all around him even the blind spots. This helmet can be paired with your smart phone through Bluetooth connectivity and internet connectivity enabling the hands-free calling, music streaming, GPS navigation sound directly without removing your eyes off from the roads.


“The AR-1 will introduce a new era in intelligent transportation by combining optics, intelligent vehicle systems and connectivity to deliver unprecedented levels of safety,” Skully founder and CEO Marcus Weller said.


Skully is weather resistant with all its component and is sealed with a special coating.


Shipping has already begun on this Christmas with a cost of $1500 which sounds expensive but it really worth for crazy riders.

By Arpit Agarwal



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