When you first time set your gaze at the new Honda CB hornet 160R, you are in awe with the style quotient and its astounding design. It’s a design which attracts your eyes and has an aggressive design methodology. The headlight assembly has a sharp look, and the forward leaning tank along with a carbon pattern cover gives it a rugged masculine look.

digital-meterThe speedometer is fully digital and gives it a high definition motorcycle game feel.


pwerful-engineThe CB Hornet 160R comes with a 162 cc engine that has a compression ratio of 10:1. It peaks at 15.7 bhp and torque of 14.76NM. The engine is equipped with a counter balance to reduce vibrations at high RPM.  It’s a smooth engine which has engineering precision oozing through its performance. 

led-taillight1The  rear section features a X-shaped LED tail light that’s gives it a sleek look. 

alloy-wheelsThe CB Hornet 160 sits on 17-inch, five-spoke alloy wheel. You have the option of having either the disc/drum brakes variant or the disc/disc one.

combi-brake-system Combi Brake System for better statbility in short braking distances.

compact-mufler Compact Muffler with silver finished cover for street sport looks.

dual-petal-discbrakes Dual Petal Disc Brakes for better heat dissipation to maintain braking efficiency.

head-lamp  The fiercy Aggro head lamp

mono-suspension  Mono Suspension and HET With BS-IV which delivers class leading mileage and Honda’s one of the first enviorment friendly engines in the cateogry.


Overall, Honda CB Hornet 160R is a treat for the eyes and satisfies the aspirations of a city commuter. The success of Hornet 160R will help Honda strike a cord with the midsegment biker, who was highly disappointed with Honda Unicon 160.

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