MY16 Lit Book Outtakes
MY16 Lit Book Outtakes

On 2016, Harley comes with its new innovation of iron suspension, which was always been a keen issue for Harley riders. Harley will resolve this with its new launch of Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883.


The Iron is a customized version of Harley Dark Custom range which was launched in 2008. Hard seven years gave Harley the new improvised result of its Dark Custom for all new generation riders.


From its appearance to its technology, everything is redefining iron. To feel the power of Harley you just need to twist your wrist and feel the potential of the internal power of this machine.

Iron materializes with its previous dark custom air cooled 883cc v-twin engine but its look has been changed. On the rubber mounted engine the black-out exhaust system and the new round filter gives first glance of iron. The 76.2mm x 96.8mm cylinders and the Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) produces about 49-50 lb-ft which is also the same as that of the dark version of Harley.



Sitting on new carved seats of Dark Iron explains how comfortable it is. The new seat reveals the new addition of the shock adjusting tools which gives more confidence to its owner while setting out on a trip to any terrain they wish to discover.


Sportster Iron 883 ingrained with the new cast wheels which is just not about the marvelous looks but also the lighter tune of 8lbs. The wheels are capable of transferring quicker steer from the 19-in results in quicker acceleration inspite of having less rotating mass.


The enduring and vigorous single front disc is one noticeable component of this cruise machine.


Greg Willis, director of marketing operations for Asia Pacific in Singapore says “Sportster is for the urban riders and that 83% of owners who are new to the brand. It’s really important to us to bring new customers to motorcycling and the Harley brand.”

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By Arpit Agarwal
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