Kriega US30 is the best universal tailpack system that I came across with 30-litre capacity and 100% waterproofing. This tailbag can fit directly to any motorbike with 4 x alloy hooks. The US-30 also comes equipped with removable shoulder and waist straps, so it can be carried courier style, on or off the motorbike.

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Mesh: Base anti-slip mesh also doubles as a pocket to store the shoulder and waist straps when the US-30 is attached to the motorbike. The shoulder strap connects to the large D-rings at each end of the pack and the waist strap connects to 2 fold away buckles at the corners of the mesh-pocket.


Fitting: All US-packs (post 2014) fit with alloy hooks and have never been easier or quicker to take on and off, with no loose straps left on the motorbike. The ultra secure subframe fitting allows tailpack combinations of up to 90-litres and is particularly suitable for bolt-on seat pads and traditional one-piece seats (4 x web loops attach to the subframe and exit at the seat edge). NB – US-packs can be mounted across or inline with the motorbike (learn how to fix US-drypacks on your motorbike just by watching the video below).


Tank: US30 can be used as 100% waterproof tank bag with the help of converter kit. The 4 x alloy hook straps fit very easily and quickly to the web ladder loops on the TANK product (see TANK video).To take off, use the 4 x quick-release buckles to release the pack and the grip base away from the straps.


It can be fitted to a dirtbike rear fender, just by the use of Kriega’s Rack loop product and to any motorcycle you wish to attach it. 

The price of the tailbag is £99.


  • 445(H) x 295(W) x 225(D) mm
  • 30-litre capacity (100% waterproof main body)
  • Side access zip pocket  (water-resistant)
  • tape-seamed liner
  • lightweight yet extremely strong
  • 10-year guarantee
  • 6061-T6 alloy fitting hooks
  • abrasion resistant fabric
  • abrasion resistant re-enforcement
  • US-Hook straps included
  • 1000D Cordura
  • water-resistant zips

To buy this product click here: Kriega US30


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