2015 has been a banner year for motorbikes worldwide without any doubt, specifically superbikes. Superbikes were in motion throughout the year. Every brand marked their supremacy with their classic invention they introduced us with, in categories like sport-tourer and adventure bikes with great capacities. Now to handle these gigantic machines you need supportive base on which you can bank on.

For that we have an incomparable option for you to choose when it’s time to change your bike tyres. Bridgestone came out with their outstanding product the new Battlax Hypersport S21 radial which they unveiled at EICMA 2015. This tyre is manufactured keeping in mind the requirements of enthusiasts who want a product that can perform impressively in all conditions and on all surfaces. 

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The tyre is breaking new edges with its combined features to improve dry performance and increase mileage with wet weather performance borrowed from the well-proven S20 EVO.

In the S21, the company says, stability, handling and cornering have all been improved through a modified pattern that enhances tread rigidity and contact patch performance.Additionally, stability, handling and cornering have all been improved through a modified pattern that enhances tread rigidity and contact patch performance.

pr007_01    The front tire is designed with a smaller crown profile for better handling and precision through corners without losing the superb neutral feeling, together with a triple-layer compound and high-stiffness bead fillers for optimum damping and stability.

The rear tire has a larger crown profile which together with the optimized belt construction and groove positioning, upgrades the rear feeling and increases cornering stability. Less slip in the contact area reduces wear, adding to mileage.

Both front and rear have a new shoulder compound, developed with Bridgestone’s advanced expertise at the molecular level, which provides a larger micro contact patch for higher grip, more confidence and faster cornering in wet and dry.

Many of the improvements brought to S21 were achieved using Bridgestone’s new ULTIMAT EYE indoor testing facility – the first tire to benefit from this technology. ULTIMAT EYE visualizes the contact behavior of a tire under different speeds and conditions, analyses contact patch pressure distribution, and helps find the optimal combination of compound, tread design, construction and profile.

The performance of the new Battlax radial has been verified on the track in wet and dry conditions. Testing by Bridgestone versus S20 EVO shows the advantage of greater stability with S21 clocking significantly higher cornering speeds at entry, keeping a sharper line and leaving with faster acceleration, trimming average lap times by almost two percent. Overall S21 represents a real step forward in dry performance – particularly cornering stability and handling. What’s more, all these improvements delivered up to an additional 30 percent increase in mileage.

You don’t have to wait for long because Bridgestone announced to launch these tyres in Jaunuary. Finally we all got a solution for all the fear we had for the adventure and thrill we have been skipping because of our tyre conditions and reliability.  

For more information about the tyre you can click on the attached link: http://www.bridgestone.com/



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