Helmet manufacturing brands are introducing smart helmets in the market with new innovations and technologies. Last decade has showered its blessing with some of the coolest technology and cursed us with some unfortunate upshots . It started with minute variations in smart phone, then smart watches and now the helmet.

I hope you are aware of the names like Skully, Livemap or Nuviz which are considered to be the best in this category, Cranium IC-R is recently an added name to this list of the best.



This helmet provides the rider with all the information such as gas, speed, GPS trails, and a rear view camera(s) via HUD (Heads Up Display) but this IC-R is stuffed with some more extra ordinary properties into its brain bucket.


The IC-R is equipped with two transparent LDC HUD displays that can offer different info basically to provide you a wide rear 210-degree field of view along with twin full-colour LED heads-up displays, twin rear-facing cameras, built-in Bluetooth communications, phone connectivity, voice controls and an electronically controlled LCD visor that tints itself dark at the touch of a button.



Being equipped with plenty of features you might think that it will have battery backup issues. To combat this, the IC-R helmet has a solar panel built into the top of it to charge when you ride.



Are these features enough to be the best hemlet?

No. And for that IC-R also included sensor in it which can detect a car at around 400 feet (~130m) behind your bike, it will alert the rider because this helmet has a built-in LiDAR sensor facing backwards to warn riders about potential rear-enders. Moreover, the sensors will gauge the proximity and approach speed of a following vehicle and flash LED warning lights into the rider’s periphery of view if it’s starting to look like somebody might run into the back of you.


I feel like adding this intelligent protection in my brainpan and it is expected to cost for $1,400 (€1,250).

For more information click here: Intelligent Cranium Helmets

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