These days helmets are not just designed keeping safety as the only concern infact overall need of a motorcyclist is taken care off. Brands like Intelligent Cranium, Reevu, BikeSystems, BMW, etc are designing Helmets who are taking care of everything and anything one would need while riding. After the SKULLY AR-1, BMW’s motorcycle division is showing off a next-generation helmet with in-built heads-up display (HUD) to make your ride more safe and functional.


Heads-up display is designed in such a way that it projects data directly into the rider’s field of view which means the rider does not have to look down at the instrument panel for information. It can display information like speed and fuel, for instance, plus more advanced features like road sign recognition and V2V integration to warn of upcoming dangers on the road.


Was this ever expected that helmets would be equipped with forward-facing action cam that can record your ride just like a GoPro, and a rear-facing camera?

Yes, now we can because this helmet have it all and action cam can be used as a virtual rear-view mirror in the heads-up display. HUD’s is having a removal battery capable of 5hours recording which is quite enough to make your memories live longer.


BMW foresees even more functions for its HUD, such as connectivity with vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems that will transmit road information in real time from one rider to the other on the concept of Scala Packtalk and much more on the estimated cost of $1500. 

Watch this video and plan your next investment on helmets wisely. 


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