There are bikes that go fast, some are very fast and the bikes that take the special kind of insanity to contemplate for a rider. This Kawasaki Ninja H2 belongs to the third category. Powered by 998cc 4-cylinder supercharged engine, the H2 is also capable of producing the power upto 200ps,which makes it unique and one of the fastest two-wheeled machine which can be legally run on roads.


The supercharger which is usually found in aircrafts, is what gives ninja H2 its fearsome power. Ninja H2 being marketed as the world’s only supercharged hypersport motorcycle till date with 207bhp at 11,000 and maximum torque of 140.4Nm.

H2-side1 (1)

The deputy manager of Kawasaki Shigeti Nishikawa said”Most of the time we buid the bike that we want to ride”.

To mimizing the possibility of maiming sound from engine Kawasaki tweeked  and added a muffler to reduces the noise levels and aerodynamics fins mounted on it.


The ninja H2 has been coated in a chemical solution of silver-ions and a reducing agent to form a layer of pure silver. This allows the bike to look black in the shade but have a mirror finishing effect in the light.


Ninja H2 has a terrific aerospace and hydraulics divisions which allow the H2 to go from standstill to 100kmph in about 2.5seconds which is really very fast.

Bringing the excitement closer to the passionate bike riders that the kawasaki H2 is completely built unit imported from japan at an ex-showroom price of 29.1lac and will be sold through exclusive Kawasaki showroom across India.

Now it’s the time for the hot blooded riders to loosen your wealthy pockets  to tear down the air.


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