“The biggest deterrent is a secure motorcycle. Reason being there are lot of insecure ones out there and they will go for the low hanging fruit every time.”


Well, thieves are having harder time these days, being caught is the biggest hazard in their line of business. The point is, the thief has to go longer to take. The vast majority of thieves got for the low hanging fruit. This is about not making your bike the low hanging fruit.

Now the question is how much your superbike is secure from being stolen?

So the best way to prevent your bike is here, First place is to have Datatag fitted when you buy the machine. Datatag’s multi-layered identification and anti-thief system enables the police to identify the true owner of any Datatagged motorcycle, even if the number plate and standard identification numbers have been removed or changed.


The Datatag motorcycle system has now been in use since April 1992 and there are currently over 500,000 motocycles protected by Datatag. The Datatag system is the most efficient and in demand with great profit margin of $98.33.

The datatag permanently mark and protect the motocycle in such a way that it is virtually inpossible to remove or deface. The state of the art identification technology, including the new unique UV etchings and invisible Datatag Forensic DNA, are registered against the details of the correct keeper of the motorcycle and this important information is stored on Datatag’s 24/7 Home Office and ACPO Police secure and accredited database.

But the new motorcycle etching system is virtually invisible with our naked eye.The all new tagging system is inbuilt with further layer of security in the datatag datadots with a new forensic chemical DNA called  Datatag DNA, an invisible solution within the adhesive of the Datadots.


A criminal would now have to remove every last molecule of Datatag DNA to be completely confident that the motorcycle or parts of the machine could not be traced back to the true registered keeper.

Datatag has a fantastic success rate,and criminals are no well aware of this. As soon as thieves see that Datatag warning decals on your motorbike they will usually leave it and go in search of an easier target.

Make life difficult for thieves – use a UV etching system and help to end this trade.




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