Gauss Project is the initiative by University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt to develop a electric sports motorbike which transform a high measure of mechanical energy into electrical energy and the energy gets stored in battery itself.

afafaThe interdisciplinary research project Gauss was launched in 2010 by Marcel Attila Kiss based on his diploma thesis. While braking with the front wheel, the kinetic energy is transferred to the electrical engine.

Over 40 Students from mechanical and electrical engineering, industrial design and economics are developing an electric sports motorcycle and are conducting basic research.

project_projectThe research project “Gauss“ pursues the development and testing of an energy recovery system for racing purposes. Conventional vehicles are equipped with mechanical brakes. The kinetic energy will be converted into heat while breaking. This wastes energy, which could be used for more range.

13413270_1767012330201139_1587595840_nThe electrical engine is positioned in the middle of the motorcycle and during breaking it is working in generator mode like a bicycle dynamo. It converts kinetic energy into electrical energy. The recovered energy is used for charging the batteries. The effect: Higher total range and speed with simultaneous reduction of the necessary batteries and additional weight.

nfhndThe permanent synchronal engine is an air-cooled aircraft engine. It generates 60 kW Power, 220Nm Torque and just weighs 12 kg. An air funnel on front of the bike provides cooling while a pipe at the rear achieves heat dissipation like an exhaust.

  • 220 km/h / 137mph maximum speed
  • 152 kg ready to drive weight
  • Carbon skin for weight deduction

bdhdjndjThey  are doing research for further innovative technologies such as the electrical Sports ABS System and the electric traction control. The electrical sports motorcycle is tested on the racetrack and in racing competitions.

Watch this video for more understanding of this giant:

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