Veteran motorcyclists did not get training because back then, there were no riding schools but now amateur motorcyclists are lucky enough as they are guided well and have the advantage of trainers to avoid some of the ridiculous myths which are still being believed and followed by majority.

When you find a group of motorcyclists talking about crashes and safety, you will notice that some talk about popular misconceptions, incorrect assumptions, urban legends and intuitive explanations about motorcycle safety that should not exist once you actually check out the facts.

I have listed ten of those misconceptions and incorrect assumptions.

1.If you’re about to crash, lay the bike down.

-It is never going to happen. Never ever try to lay your bike down when it feels that you are about to crash. Clearly, if you are about to crash, you need to brake hard and leave the bike upright while slowing it as much as possible with the best traction available – rubber on tarmac. If you lay the bike down, it will slide a lot further with plastic and metal on tarmac. Instead shed as much speed as you can, stay upright and use both your brakes. If you slide into a car while you are on the ground, you either have a hard stop against it or end up wedged under it. About the only time you may slow quicker by laying a bike down is on dirt where the handlebar, footpegs etc might dig into the earth better than knobby tyres.


Laying ‘er down might result in this


2. A Helmet Will Leave You Brain Damaged in an Crash When You Would Have Simply Died.

-Of course that’s possible—, your helmet attenuates the impact energy enough to keep the injury from being fatal but not enough to keep all of your eggs from getting scrambled. However, that’s rare, and if you hit that hard, you are likely to get killed by some other injury. It’s actually said and preferred by those un-helmeted rider who is like to cross from animal to vegetable kingdom, and often from a relatively minor impact that would have damaged nothing but his ego if they been wearing a DOT helmet.



3. You only need to use the back brake.

This myth came from a time when bicycles only had rear brakes and even the Captain America chopper from Easy Rider only had a rear brake. Of course we now know that when you brake, the bike shifts a lot of weight to the front tyre and lightens the back wheel, so you have more stopping effect with the front, rather than the rear. The best advice is to use both brakes for maximum stopping effect.



4. Never ride in the rain.

-There are three reasons why it is told not to ride in the rain– it rusts the bike, the roads are too slippery and there is no way to stay dry. Modern bikes are treated for rust prevention, modern tyres have much grip in the wet and today’s motorcycle gear have waterproof option in them.

Moto refs take a break in the driving rain during the men's race. Photo: Casey B. Gibson | www.cbgphoto.com

5. Race tires will make me and my bike faster on the road.

-No. Motorcycle race tires are completely different from road tires. They have different compounds and properties and are designed to work best when really hot to create grip. You’re rarely going to get a set of race tires up to proper race temperature out on the highway. The chances are, after setting off on your bike, you’re going to probably fall off. at the first intersection. Stick to road tires for your bike for anything apart from track days.

6. One Beer Won’t Hurt.

-Maybe not while you are drinking it, but if you get on your motorcycle after that, the effects of a single beer can get you hurt for life. No matter how unaffected you are sure you are, all the studies say differently. You increase your risk to yourself and to others when you drink and hit the road. Also, as you age, your metabolism slows down, and those you had last night may still be affecting you when you hit the road the next morning.

Bob7. Radars won’t be able to detect you.

-Just because your motorcycle is not as big as other road vehicles it doesn’t mean that you can dodge the radar. Today’s police lasers are extremely high-tech and far more accurate than in the past. In fact, they are said to be so good they can lock on and register the speed of a flying insect. But that might be another urban myth. Either way, just because you’re on a speeding bike doesn’t mean you’re going to evade a ticket.

8. Traction control on a motorcycle will help me go faster.

-Yes and no. If you’re new to riding and not that confident yet, you’re never going to be aware of what traction control does. If you’re an all out racer and ride really hard, then the chances are traction control is actually going to get in your way and slow you down, even when set on the least interfering mode.


9. Bikers are temporary citizens.

-You and I are shining examples of this being a myth. Yes, you are more vulnerable, but with some training, you can be a safe and long-term motorcyclist.

10. And most important one, motorcycle riders get all the women.

-Well, we don’t get ALL the women; just the good-looking ones. Hahahaha!


Just don’t base your own riding choices on what other people assume unless their is some hard fact and science to back it up.

Information source: Motorcycle Cruiser, Ride apart

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