The dream of every motorcyclist, an anti-glare without slides, sunglasses and second sight. We leave for our destination all prepared for the day and found ourselves looking at the setting sun and wish that we have equal clear vision through our visor instead of a tinted one when its dark.


Bell and LaZer addressed this issue with photochromic faceshields using technology licensed from Transitions but AVG is using an electrochromatic lens inside the faceshield which can be toggled between tinted and clear.

agvisorAvg makes with accessory visor AVG visor, this latest technology from AGV is ready to haunt this year. If you have AGV Corsa, AGV Pista GP and the AGV GT Veloce from AVG, you can get a replacement shield for it with this AVG visor, it is good that this visor can not be acquired with a brand new helmet.
In less than a second, the AGV AGVisor LCD Faceshield changes from Clear to Smoky dark, thanks to LED liquid crystal which makes it possible to get into dark with hell of click.

AVG visor not only protects both the driver and the passenger from blocking sunrays but also provides the anti-fog function at the same time. Its battery lasts long enough to keep the visor tinted for at least 12 hours and the tint levels are as good as a full race visor and 50 hours in a clear mode. Outstanding is its fast charging technology with take only 2hours to get fully charged via a micro USB port.
AGV has a solution provided when the battery if it not be charged then its innovative safety system be activated mechanically: The visor automatically returns to its clear mode.

AGVisor-DiagramThe AGVisor is already being launched in the UK and also in Switzerland’s annual motorcycle show and is priced at €200 (about $222).

3mm thick anti fog shield
-Approximately 2 hour charge time
-Powered by a small built-in rechargeable battery
-12 hours use in Smoke mode
-Daytime use only
-e-Tint liquid crystal technology

I am happy finally this technology will be used in the production of upcoming helmets. The style factor is worth a reason to opt AVG visor over photochromic option.

M_agv-agvisor-la-visiera-lcd-sviluppata-da-valentino-rossi_2 agvag_visor_lcd_face_shield_zoom

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