Royal-Enfield classic 250 motorcyclediaries

Royal Enfield Classic 250 will help the company to boost sales in the lower end of the spectrum

Ever since the starting of the year 2019, the sales of Royal Enfield is falling and this trend is still in action. All this has happened because the price of bikes has increased drastically due to the addition of 5-year insurance and ABS. Another reason can be the increased interest rates for the loans. Royal Enfield Classic 250 to play this part in the future of the company.

Royal-Enfield classic 250 motorcyclediaries

In the news which is circulating on the internet is that Royal Enfield is planning to introduce a smaller capacity motorcycle in the Indian market. This small capacity bike won’t be a 150cc or 200cc bike rather a 250cc machine. The Classic 250 (let’s call it classic) has the potential to change the way two-wheeler industry is working now.

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The company has already launched 650cc twins in India to cater to the needs of middleweight bike lovers. But what about a segment who is now struggling to find a bike of their choice near 1 lakh rupees mark? As you all know the price of Classic 250 shot up to Rs 1.53 lakh ex-showroom, sales fell. Bullet 350 doesn’t sell as much as Classic 350, so there is a need of the hour to bring affordable Royal Enfiled for the masses.

Royal Enfield classic 500 motorcyclediaries

Royal Enfield Classic 250 can fill this gap. If launched with a price tag of Rs 1 lakh, there is a very high possibility that sales of RE will pick up the pace. This bike will turn out to be the KTM 125 Duke for the Royal Enfield. With the hiked price of Duke 200, Duke 125 handled the sales at the lower end pretty well. In the same way, Classic 250 will do its job. Not only that, but the bike will also affect the sales of other 150-160cc bikes in the market owing to the heavy fan following in the country.

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However, do no expect Classic 250 to deliver anything more than 15bhp of power and 20Nm of torque. This is because the Long Stroke RE engines are underpowered by a huge margin than the comparable engines from rivals. Considering the fact that Bullet maker will use the same Classic 350 body, frame, and engine block, it will tip the scale above 180kg. The power to weight ratio will be ridiculously low. But who cares, we need to hear that iconic thump. That’s it.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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