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Rs 21 lakh Harley Davidson LiveWire has a highway range of just 113 km in a single charge

Harley Davidson LiveWire was placed for pre-orders back in February 2019. The official specifications and numbers of the first electric bike from Harley Davidson are out. In the US LiveWire carries a hefty price tag of USD 29,799 which makes it the most expensive Harley even in the US. Let’s find out whether this bike offers enough to justify the price tag.


First, let’s talk about the numbers, the Harley Davidson LiveWire’s electric motor makes 105bhp and meager 116Nm torque. These numbers are lower than what Harley’s Milwaukee V-twin engine generates. Contrary to that, Zero SR/F pumps out 110bhp and metal bending 190Nm of twisting force. SR/F also cost around USD 6,600 less than the LiveWire. Not only that, but Harley’s own 1800cc V-twin motor makes massive 163Nm of torque. IMO, LiveWire lost this round.

harley davidson livewire motorcyclediaries

Next thing we speak about an electric vehicle is its charging time and range. Harley Davidson LiveWire packs in a 15.5 kWh Li-ion battery pack out of which only 13.6 kWh will be usable. I don’t know what rest 2 kWh will be doing, maybe to run lights and other electronic equipment. Charging time from an AC socket is very long at 12.5 hours, whereas DC fast charging will charge the battery in just 60 minutes.

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Speaking about the range, the LiveWire has a claimed city range of 235 km (Okayish), Highway range of 113 km (What?) and a combined range of 152 km. So, for the price tag, the driving range is very less. The motorcycle is made entirely for city riding and occasional suburban trip.

harley davidson livewire motorcyclediaries

The instrument cluster is a 4.3-inch TFT display with Bluetooth connectivity feature for calling and music. A plethora of details including turn-by-turn navigation is available on the screen for better riding experience. There is a 6-axis IMU assisted ABS, Traction Control and seven riding modes – Sport, Road, Rain, Range, and 3 custom modes.

Harley Davidson LiveWire can go 152 km per charge in mixed riding conditions

The suspension duties are performed by fully adjustable Showa USD forks (SFF-BP Separate Function Forks – Big Piston) upfront and Showa adjustable monoshock at rear which is a BFRC-lite unit (Balance Free Rear Cushion Lite). Braking department is handled by twin 300 mm discs at the front and rear 260 mm disc. There is a regenerative braking system assisted by Traction Control system which ensures the rear tyre is in contact with the road while braking.

harley davidson livewire motorcyclediaries

It is yet to be seen who the markets receive the bike with such a high price tag. The major problem with electric vehicles remains there long charging time even with a DC fast charger. New battery technology which is yet to see the daylight might help solve the range and charging problem of the future electric mobility.

For India, there is no official news about the launch. However, the Indian Harley Davidson website has showcased the first electric bike from the company. If launched in India, the bike will be a complete CBU unit. The price of which will be easily hovering around Rs 45 lakh ex-showroom.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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