H-D Flat Track Timed Trials Motorcyclediaries

The Flat Tracker used in the Time Trials was based on Street Rod 750

Harley Davidson India made its presence felt in the Indian Bike Week 2019 with India’s first-ever Flat Track timed trials. Harley Davidson is organising the HOG rallies since 2013 to engage its elite base of customers. Motorcycle enthusiasts of the country have been demanding from the Harley Davidson to kick start the Flat Tracking in India. On the call of it, Harley Davidson introduced India’s first-ever flat track timed trials in IBW 2019.

H-D Flat Track Timed Trials Motorcyclediaries

Flat track racing is a type of motorcycle racing where riders compete on an oval dirt track without front brakes. Riders rely on their skills to slide into fast corners on a custom made motorcycle called Flat Tracker.

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H-D Flat Track Timed Trials Winner Motorcyclediaries
From left, Dev Venkatesh (3rd), Sanjay Kumar (1st), and Abrar Bin Ayub (2nd)

In the event, Harley-Davidson opened registration for 150 slots and received 500 entries. Street Rod 750 was customised into a Flat Tracker by Rajputana Customs for the event. Each rider was given 4 laps around the dirt track for flat tracking. Of the 150, only top 10 riders with best lap timing were called for a second round. In the second round, Sanjay Kumar took the trophy with Abrar Bin Ayub and Dev Venkatesh followed 2nd and 3rd position.

H-D Flat Track Timed Trials Motorcyclediaries

Along with the Flat Tracking event, the American company also launched the global Harley-Davidson riding Academy for the first time in India which is tuned for Indian market conditions. The riding academy will offer skilled riding course through its 32 dealerships across the country in the year 2020. In the riding course, expert instructors will impart their knowledge and skills on handling and riding Harley Davidson motorcycles both theoretically and practically. The very first riding course session will be held in Mumbai on 14th December 2019.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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