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SWM Superdual India Launch Details & Expected Prices

SWM Superdual India

SWM Superdual India at the price tag of Rs. 6 lakh

SWM Superdual India: Bike manufacturer SWM is set to present the Superdual adventure bike in the Indian sector. The SWM Superdual will be promoted the premium motorcycle division which retails the MV Agusta motorcycles, by MotoRoyale.

Ajinkya Firodia said that the SWM Superdual would be launched in India by four or three weeks. In addition, he revealed that the adventure bike could be priced at Rs 6 lakh and the firm expects it to become a hit in the nation.

SWM Superdual India

The SWM Superdual is a nimble and light adventure bike which draws power in the 600cc single-cylinder engine producing 54bhp and 53.5Nm of torque. The motor relies on the older Husqvarna TE610 enduro motorcycle.

The SWM Superdual doesn’t contain any aids such as multiple riding manners, traction control, and throttle. The bike relies on the tubular steel chassis and aluminium swingarm borrowed from Husqvarna.

SWM Superdual India

Despite missing out on the electronic riding assists, the SWM Superdual is outfitted with premium components such as Fast Ace forks, Brembo calipers, Sachs jolt, LED headlights and hard luggage.

The SWM Superdual includes long-travel suspension, higher ground clearance, and a fuel tank. This motorcycle’s weight stands in 186kg making it a machine to ride in challenging conditions.

SWM Superdual India

SWM might not be a brand, especially in India. It is an Italian company which began motocross, fabricating enduro, and off-road bikes since the 1970s. Presently, SWM has 12 distinct versions in its product portfolio.

The adventure motorcycle segment is flourishing in the Indian market. Manufacturers like BMW and KTM Motorrad are already planning to launch bikes. Now, SWM plans to introduce the Superdual in the Nation. The essential aspect of the Superdual’s achievement will support community and the sales of MotoRoyale.

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