With the new rule, all motorcycles and scooters might get banned from April 2025

It is revealed by SIAM head that Government is drafting a new norm to ban all the small capacity bikes and scooters in India from April 2025. You might be thinking what will happen after all two-wheeler commuter segment is taken off the sale. Government is planning to introduce only electric two-wheelers in the commuter segment.

This will be done to reduce vehicular pollution in the cities and hence the air will be cleaner and breathable. The year 2025 has been set so that the manufacturers who are investing heavily in upgrading their bikes and scooters to BS6 can milk out the returns in the next 5 to 6 years.

All this is to fight Air Pollution

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In the financial year 2018-2019, the sales of two-wheelers stood at 2.1 crore units. While all other vehicles comprised of just 50 lakh units in the same timeline. Hence, a tighter grip can be expected on air pollution by the year 2025.

All the motorcycles and scooters upto 150cc will be banned from selling in the country from April 2025. This means current bestsellers like Hero Splendor, Hero Deluxe, Honda Activa, TVS Radeon, Honda Shine, Pulsar 150 all will be banned. As these commuter bikes and scooters make up for nearly 80% sales in the two-wheeler market, will be replaced with all electric bikes and scooters.

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On the other front, there are plans to ban petrol and diesel-powered three-wheelers in the country by April 2023. Only three wheelers which will ply on road after April 2023 will be powered by electricity.


What will happen it this draft comes into act. First, all manufacturers will try to protect, later they will have to accept it. After a year or so, each and every manufacturer will dive into research and development of electric two-wheelers in the commuter segment.

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The government will have to plan and install near infinite charging stations across all the cities of India. Countless public charging stations are also required on the highways. Moreover, these charging stations must provide cheaper renewable electricity instead of coal-derived power to reduce carbon footprint.

A number of new startups are coming up at the forefront to participate in the electric two-wheeler market. Companies like Ather, Tork, Emflux, Ultraviolette are an example of the future of electric mobility in India.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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