Honda PCX is beautifully designed vehicle with a 150cc engine. Its available in white and black color.



The Honda PCX150 is one of the most adaptable, practical and sensible scooter on the planet and a blast to ride! The PCX150 offers abundant fuel efficiency with plenty of room to carry a passenger. A bigger fuel tank this year adds even more range, while dual headlights and sharp bodywork change up the look. Integrated storage for those trips to the market. Auto transmission of course.

                                              PCX150_2015_DualHeadlights                        PCX150_2015_Transmission


With its 150cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine, the PCX150 is great for urban commutes, trips around town, and is freeway-legal if you need to head onto the highway.

How far can you go on a tank of gas? With a PCX150, even further this year. With its great fuel efficiency rating and a bigger gas tank in 2015, the PCX150 makes even more sense.

Dual front LED headlights along with redesigned bodywork really make the PCX150 stand out. Who says practical can’t also be stylish?


It’s a mix of comfort and style. Now who can ignore that? 



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