The life of a rider is jam-packed with moments of danger. The safeguard to this danger is an ingenious helmet. Helmets have been around for almost a century, yet there has been very little innovation to its design. It’s always been pull-on pull-off type with a chinstrap to secure in place.


Australian Company Vozz Helmets has come up with an ingenious design to render straps obsolete.

But wait! There is much more to it.


The biggest innovation of the helmet is the head access point. The helmet splits in two parts, allowing ample space for the head to slide in, and by applying little pressure the two parts are attached.

According to Vozz this can be done easily while wearing gloves and even glasses. Once the two parts of the helmets are locked, it fits perfectly without the need of any chinstrap.


By eliminating the need for the head to slide in, the helmet is shaped for a closer fit. This provides three advantages: Less aerodynamics lifts to the head at high speeds, less noise and better heat insulation.

Its design touches new standards of safety. By having a closer fit design, it leaves relatively very less snag points, thus hindering the helmet to move during a collision. Vozz has included a safety release system. By removing the two screws that hold the hinge at place, one can detach the front part of the helmet without harming the head of the rider.


This range of Helmets will be available in six different colors from 23rd December on Vozz web store. The video describes more about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnydMibNojo




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