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This is the result of a man’s dream that happened over the most soulful night when the moon was shining in its full glory and the marked the victory of heart over mind.

The Thought

Two of the most powerful motivating forces in life are love and fear. At the moment of an adrenalin rush, when one is juggling between what they fear and what they love, an incorrigible desire is born which is called “fernweh” i.e. longing for far off places. Evolution and all hope for better a world rest in the fearlessness and open hearted vision of people who travel. To travel is to live in the most soulful way. We will travel as far and wide as we can and to places you will fall in love with and to places that will scare you. Especially to terrains which are tough, which will need strength of limbs and lungs. Far from the idea of traveling for leisure is the idea of traveling for who you are and for who you will be. For finding a purpose in the chaos. A journey from bombarding thoughts in the head to a state of thoughtlessness. In traveling you will find reasons for forgetting to breathe and to breathe again. Deep, long and complete breaths in a restless life. Few things cannot be taught. Undertake journeys to feel the wholeness of the broken, the innocence in the guilt and the beauty of the simplest marvels of the world. We are free souls, We want the world to draw inspiration from our eccentricities. We at Garage Adventures nurture the fernweh in you. We are packing our bags, embracing ourselves and ready to undertake one of the most memorable journeys this of lifetime. May we turn into a story teller and have a spark in our eyes when we speak of the risks we took in life. Je Ba Tara.

  • Seasoned riders from different walks of life – both men and women.
  • Months of grueling terrain to ride.
  • Putting our survival skills to the test.
  • The journey of a lifetime.

//     Once a year go someplace you’ve never been before. ~ The Dalai Lama

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