20/10/2008 FEATURES: A motorbike stunt rider for the Australian Motorcycle Expo.

Isn’t it cool these days to be a biker?

People get impressed when you get on those expensive fancy machines and you ride off like a star. On the other hand there is a group of bikers for whom riding is a religion and lot more than what it is for majority.

Modification to a bike includes building those special surfing platforms to keep safe and specially designed tires to push the machine forward. The equipments they use to modify there bikes are Frame sliders, Crash cages, Sub cages, Front Upper Stay, Handbrake and 12 o’clock.

When you ride, your body and the frame of the bike has to be in sink with each other which should feel like two bodies with one soul so that you can together do wonders and surprise your machine and the world out there.

So when soul of rider and the bike run in the same direction, only then a biker can show his true colours  with some of common stunts like wheelies,cliff hanger,stoppie,burnouts etc.

Wheelies-A basic wheelie is the lifting of the front of the motorcycle off the ground by means of either power or use of clutching. There are many other variation of the basic wheelie.


The circle wheelie is one of the variation which is performed rotating your bike within a circle. This is not an easy task .Even more difficult is a circle wheelie with the rider’s right foot on the left peg named “Ralph Loui”.


Cliff Hanger-Hanging from the bars with one’s feet while doing a 12 O’clock.



Stoppie-Lifting the rear wheel of the motorcycle using momentum and braking force.



Burnouts– It uses the power of the engine and braking force to cause the rear wheel spin, heating the rear tier and producing dense smoke. This is done when we use our thigh and put the little weight of bike on it and accelerate your bike.


When the rpm needle struck to 10 then the magic begins with its silencer sound which makes rider feel breathless and the heartbeats starts to hover his chest then the only thing he can feel is the engine sounds and not the crowd around him. It is just the bike and the biker connection that can be felt at that moment.


Hunter Thompson also said that”Faster,faster,faster until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death”

Stunt is not just being done only with the power of bike but the muscular strength also have equal importance along with that  the biker needs to have there full control over the bike. Accelerator in palm and foot on the gear makes a biker more energetic and heads straight for the open sea, shattering the peace and tranquility of travelers chilling out on the calm ocean with roaring sound of its engine.

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