Is it true that wider the tyre better the results and controlling becomes easier with little loss of speed?

When it comes to a sports bike, the subject of tyres is a concern for every rider. Few concerned topics are that who is the best manufacturer, how long you should use your tyre? How many heat cycle a tyre should last with?, What is the best tyre pressure?

All depends on you.

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Do you know specification of your tyre is the most important aspect when its about gearing up your machine, it’s what separate a great ride from just a good ride. Tyres are a clear progression of steady improvement in grip, allowing better acceleration, braking and turning along with improved comfort, safety, durability, and reliability.

Checking the tyre pressure is the chief maintenance function you can perform for you tyre. Specially when tyre is cold. Generally tyre are cold when bike is ridden at moderate speed or less then a mile, on the other side never try to release pressure from a hot tyre in order to reach the recommended cold tyre pressure. If you release air when your tyres are hot, you may under-inflate your tyre to a saturation point where inflation can lead to uneven wear. If you think you know everything about tyres then let me correct you that it isn’t just about brands, tyre pressure or tyer with bushes. there are lot more things you might be oblivious. 


Even If we talk about, how old your tyre should be? 80% of the people might be unaware of this. But as you all know ”Fresher The Better” but how you will get to know that what is the age of your tyre. Actually your tyre has the date of manufacture. If you look closely you will get 4-digit number stamped on the sidewall of your tyre. It will read something like 1411 or 1601. What do these numbers reveal? Well 1414 tells the manufacture date of your tyre i.e. 14th week of 2011, 1615 means it was manufactured on 16th week of 2001 and if you find a 3-digit code it means your tyre was manufactured prior to 2000.


Nowadays, Some street riders feel that it is an advantage to buy “take-offs” from racers. Take-offs are the race compound tyres which racer had already used. Rather than discarding the tyre, they sell them to street riders. Take-offs do a great job if It comes to impress your friends by allowing them to assume you were able to thrash the outside edges of your tyre with your amazing riding ability. But the reality is you may be riding on a tyre that has plenty of thread left, worn out or has very little grip left in it.

Don’t be afraid of riding on tires designed to last a bit longer. I will conclude this article with a simple advice that first evaluate what kind of rider you are and how you handle your bike and then go in the market to select the tyres as per your riding style.

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