protect bike during holi motorcyclediaries

Holi colors are a nightmare for both gloss and matt paint job, follow these tips to save from costly paint jobs

Holi is here, and your motorcycle’s shiny paint is in danger. It is best advised to protect your bike from the colors. So, you are saying that you have a cover for your motorcycle. Don’t forget, covers are not completely waterproof and can be removed easily. Well, sensible people don’t really remove the cover and deliberately pour color over your bike unless he/she holds a grudge against you. You know what I mean.

If you love your motorcycle then you definitely need to protect it from the adverse effects of colors used during this festival of colors. And you can take these precautions before the festival to protect it from unnatural colors.

Wax Polish application before Holi

If you are living in a group housing society where it will be difficult to avoid your bike from getting dirty. And on the other hand, you might need to go to your friends’ and relatives’ place to play Holi, so, you ain’t going to walk. Will you? It is advised to apply a coat of wax polish before the onset of the festival. To do this, first of all, wash your bike thoroughly with bike shampoo and water, dry it, and then apply wax polish on all the metallic parts and also on the parts which are painted. If Teflon coating is already done don’t worry, it will also do the job.

protect bike during holi motorcyclediaries
Protect your Bike during Holi – Motorcycle Polish Wax

You can use this one, this one or this one can help you wax polishing your bike. Try using branded polish as local polish might be not that effective.

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Cling Film or Food Wrap

If you are still not convinced and think wax polish won’t be effective, you can cover major painted parts with the help of cling film as it will offer complete protection from both wet and dry colors. This will obviously look a little odd but will save you from a lot of trouble afterward. This product might help with this regard.


Your seat can soak wet colors which can be easily prevented by covering your seat with water resistant seat cover. You can also use some old curtain cloth or towel on the seat. If you don’t, you’ll have a colorful bum after taking a short ride after the festivities.

These tips will help you protect your motorcycle from getting dirty. But things can go wrong anytime irrespective of you will, which generally happens with me. Sigh! So what to do if your bike comes in contact with colors? Here’s a checklist you must ensure before riding your bike again.

Clean your motorcycle

protect bike during holi motorcyclediaries
Protect your Bike during Holi – 3M Bike Care Kit- Shampoo, Polish, and Shiner

The first thing you must do is, wash your bike with motorcycle shampoo and water (please do not waste water, use minimum quantity). You can also use household detergent if some hard color stains are not removed by the motorcycle shampoo. The shampoo can be 3M’s or any other genuine brand. But remember one thing, washing your bike with household detergent will remove the wax polish coat. So ensure to apply a coat of wax polish once again.

This Bike Care Kit can be helpful for this purpose.

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Clean the Chainset

Dry colors can settle on the chainset from the ambient air and dry up the lubrication on it, and if you run the bike with a dry chain, there is one hundred percent chance that your bike’s fuel efficiency will decrease. Another terrible thing that is bound to happen is the damaging of the sprockets as well as chain itself. This will cost a lot. I think you got my point, didn’t you?

protect bike during holi motorcyclediaries
Protect your Bike during Holi – Chain Cleaner

Colored water puddles will be everywhere and you cannot save from each and every one of them. That said, there is a high probability that you chainset is covered with colored water and mud as well. Over a period of time, this will dry up the lubrication of the chain and rest you all know. So, to avoid any kind of grave trouble later, all you have to do is clean the chainset with this Chain Cleaner and then thoroughly lube it with this Chain Lube. And you are done.

protect bike during holi motorcyclediaries
Protect your Bike during Holi – Chain Lube

Clean Air Filter

The last but not the least, Air Filter also must be cleaned before going for a long ride. Being a very important part of your bike’s engine, air filter sucks dry color from the air while running. This cause the choking of air-filter which impacts both performance and fuel efficiency. If you can clean the air filter, clean it and if you don’t know, get it cleaned up from the nearest mechanic, if you know any.

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protect bike during holi motorcyclediaries
Protect your Bike during Holi – Dirty and Clean Air Filter

It is a well-known fact that ‘prevention is better than cure’. But it this case, a few things can be looked on after the festivities which can ensure the long-running of your beloved motorcycle. Let’s wrap this up, if you think that I missed anything here, you can freely comment it down below and let me know about it. Enjoy the festival but try not to waste a lot of water. It’s precious.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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