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Kawasaki Reveals A2 Z900, Entry Level Version For Riders

Kawasaki Reveals A2 Z900

Kawasaki reveals A2 Z900 comes with restricted licenses

Kawasaki reveals A2 Z900: Kawasaki has revealed the A2 Z900 but to look at you will fight to see any distinction from the full-power edition.

Kawasaki Reveals A2 Z900

To produce the A2 Z900, Kawasaki hasn’t chosen to create the bicycle in fully-restricted form. On the contrary, it’s limited to 70kW (95hp) — double the 35kW limit that A2 riders are limited to. That’s since the provincial European rules say that 35kW (47hp) A2 bicycles cannot be based on models that make more than twice that figure. That means it is illegal to restrict a normal, 92.2kW (125hp) Z900, but lawful to limit the newest 70kW A2 model.

Kawasaki has intentionally given the bicycle no visual differentiation from the faster bicycle, which could make purchasing one on the used market a minefield in the future.

Why make a 70kW edition?

It appears to make a mockery of the European legislation. Kawasaki is supplying what is essentially a limited, 70kW machine only to be permitted to further limit it to 35kW. It would be illegal to produce the limitation in a single step from 92.2kW to 35kW. But even so, the advent of the new bicycle gives A2 license holders a reason to rejoice, as there’s little wrong with the Z900.

Kawasaki Reveals A2 Z900

As soon as they receive a full ‘A’ permit, owners will have the ability to derestrict the A2-legal Z900 back to 70kW, however, it is not possible — at least formally — to make it into a full-fat, 92.2kW version.

Morihiro Ikoma, Director of Kawasaki Motors Europe, said: “Shortly after the Z900 was launched we began work on an A2 compliant edition.

Kawasaki Reveals A2 Z900

“The design brief from potential customers and dealers was a unified voice; keep the appearance, soul, and ethos of their Z900 and produce an A2 compliant version to start the world of Refined Raw Z into yet more enthusiastic riders.

“In 948cc that this A2 compliant Z900 is bound to become one of the very attractive A2 offerings in the industry today”

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