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TVS Young Media Racer Program – Race 4

TVS Young Media Racer

TVS Young Media Racer Program, which serves to teach a bunch of journalists about the grassroots of motorcycle racing and here’s how the experience was for us

TVS Young Media Racer: I was fortunate enough to take part in a press race organized by TVS 17, this past year. Understandably, the trail bug had bitten me hard and I was itching to return to the race track and enjoy the joy of motorcycling. But given that the schedule in office, my fantasy of riding on the racetrack remained elusive. However, all that changed once TVS Racing sent out an invitation to ZigWheels saying that they are organizing a particular media racing string for select journalists titled “TVS Young Media Racer Program”. The basic standard for engaging was straightforward — that the rider should be under 30 years old. For me, Kartik put forward my name to take part in this special series and two weeks after I was to attend the training session before I could go rushing.


As you would have figured out, TVS engineers have tuned the motorcycle to suit its purpose that was racing. It looks similar to the street bicycle barring the tape on the headlight while the leg guard, mirrors guard, rear mudguard and tire hugger have been eliminated for weight loss. The bike also comes with an exhaust muffler. The race exhaust creates the motorcycle seem throaty and raw while also helping in weight reduction.

Of the weight reduction has caused the TVS Apache RTR 200 race bicycle. The motor was returned to get a better mid-range and top-end which was felt on the race track. The motor also has the engineers and K&N air filter has pulled then the stock engine, which takes its power output. The bike runs on Pirelli tires though they offer good traction and as seen on the road bicycle, I’d have preferred softer tires instead.

TVS Young Media Racer

TVS Young Media Racer: There was an all-important concept class before I could step foot. This session’s purpose was supposed to brush our understanding up with the fundamentals of track riding. Our teacher wasn’t any other than rushing. We had been made to comprehend regulations and the rules of racing and exactly what the do, and don’ts about the race track are. Next up, we had been made to understand what the meaning is. One other facet of track riding is to unlearn that which we have been after for more than years as riding on the track is vastly different from riding on roads.

It was time to 11, once the concept session was done and we rode the TVS Apache RTR200 race bicycle, and clearly, my enthusiasm levels were high. The most important intention of driving behind the TVS racers was so that we may understand what lines if we take on the trail, the way to brake effectively (using just front brake) and indicate our dividing points for corner entrances. Riding behind the professionals helped a lot as the lines that they take are much tighter but faster and that I was feeling confident about the bike.

As it’s essential to sit on the bicycle that you enter and depart corners without unsettling the bike the racers about body positioning guided us. Other learnings included the importance of vision while riding and tips. Hit the apex, the highlight for me personally was to finish my flying until I enter the corner and open the throttle just. As stated by the racers, this technique is significantly faster as the forks aren’t compressed and this enhances exit rates.

The session consisted of the clinic. We were given a moment briefing on the crash direction and this is an enlightening session. The instructors told us what to do in the scenario of a crash to limit damage to your own body, something. An important aspect of racing is “launching” — a perfect launch can help you create some places on the grid as you enter the first corner and vice versa. The TVS racers educated us that a start can be made by you without the front tire saluting the tarmac and you dropping out on precious tenths of a second. I split the 30 minutes of track time to two sessions; in implementing the knowledge that I received in a lesser pace from the racers, the very first session was used.

TVS Young Media Racer

I began pushing the TVS Apache RTR 200 to understand its own functionality after I felt that I have figured out the racing lines and braking points. Personally, I believe that you are that feeling is and as you push yourself along with the bike. I did have a few anxious moments on the bike but fortunately nothing serious. With a broad grin which is the delight of riding on a race track, I was tired but at the session’s end. I’d topped the time sheets and this created the encounter sweeter for me on a personal note but I understand racing is altogether a different ball game and I should not get too complacent. Our first race of this season was canceled owing to rains and Rush 1 has been rescheduled to June 8th in Chennai.

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