Rynox Wingman insurance will cover up to Rs 50,000 for permanent disability or hospitalization cost

Rynox is a well known Indian manufacturer of motorcycle riding gear. The Mumbai based company has announced a new insurance scheme for the riders who buy Rynox gear. This insurance is named ‘Wingman Insurance’ and it is designed to help you out if you met with an accident wearing Rynox gear.


The complimentary accidental insurance with cover up to Rs 50,000 for permanent disability and up to Rs 50,000 for hospitalization cost. Wingman insurance is valid for a period of One year from the date of purchase of any motorcycle riding gear from Rynox.

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To register, you have to buy a Rynox Jacket, Pants or Gloves with a minimum price of Rs 4000. The purchase date must be on or after 1st May 2019. After that, Click Here and fill out the form, provide 15 digit Rynox gear product code and upload an image of purchase invoice. Once the product is verified, you will receive your insurance policy via SMS and Email.


Rynox offers a wide range of motorcycle riding Jackets, Pants as well as Gloves on their website. These gears are designed to reduce your injuries to a bare minimum in case you meet with an accident. The top quality Jackets are CE Level 2 certified while the entry level jackets are at least CE level 1 certified. Not to forget jackets are weatherproof, i.e, Sun, Rain as well as Winters.

Pants and Gloves also provide a great deal of protection to the rider. There are reflective strips over the gear in order to increase the low light visibility which reduces accidents which might happen during night time.


Rynox uses high-quality material for the manufacturing of their riding gear. Machines are imported from the likes of Germany and Japan for weaving the fabric. If you are looking out for quality motorcycle riding gear, look no further. Rynox offers all its high-quality products at an affordable price.

Have you purchased any Rynox gear after 1st May 2019? If yes, go to this link and register yourself by providing the essential information asked.

Ride Safe, Ride Hard, and always wear a helmet while riding. Stay Tuned for more from the world of motorcycling.

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