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Suzuki Launches ECSTAR Engine Oil In India

ECSTAR Engine Oil

Suzuki India launches ECSTAR Engine Oil for Gixxer and big bike range

Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan, has announced the foray of ECSTAR Engine Oil and chemical brand developed into the Indian-market, by Suzuki. Petroleum from Suzuki is a powerful lubricant that doesn’t only enhances the enactment of its vehicles, but with its optimal lubricant formulation, will offer customers outstanding motor protection, a lengthier life-cycle due to their two-wheeler as well as lower maintenance and fuel costs. ECSTAR oil guarantees durability and better performance even in unfavorable riding conditions such as irregular streets, extreme weather conditions, combustion contaminants etc.

ECSTAR Engine Oil

Designed exclusively for Suzuki motorcycles’ motors, ECSTAR provides a blend of base oil additives offering an improvement on the standard engine optimization in friction characteristics, engine detergency, and thermostability.

Furthermore, the advanced lubricating technology helps achieve thermal stability, thus delivering ultimate engine protection. It retains it problem and also assists the vehicle when starting the engine in climate.

ECSTAR Engine Oil

Suzuki Motor Corporation established ECSTAR, the newest of high-performance engine oil and goods, in 1984. At present, the ECSTAR brand is promoted across Europe, America, Mexico, Australia and South East Asia.

ECSTAR R9000 (10W40), which can be utilized for all Gixxer versions in addition to the huge Bikes — Hayabusa, GSX-R1000 &GSX-R1000R, will probably be available at the authorized Suzuki Two-wheeler dealerships with following plans to expand the reach and portfolio.

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