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Ducati V-twin Engines: Company Promises To Keep V-twin Engines Running Until 2020

Ducati V-twin Engines

Ducati V-twin Engines powered superbikes

Ducati V-twin Engines: It was just lately that Ducati introduced its MotoGP-inspired V4 motor which is going to be powering the Panigales from in the future. Do not be disheartened though, since there’s still a beam of light for people who drool over Ducati’s V-twin motors and their personality.

Ducati V-twin Engines

The Italian bicycle maker recently announced that they’re far from using brakes into the creation of V-twin-powered superbikes. The preceding version of this 1299 Panigale was just Euro 3-approved and that is why the bicycle could just be sold in limited amounts, that also with a few exemption on Euro 3 criteria. The last Edition of this Panigale, however, will be Euro 4-approved and Ducati will still continue to market as many numbers as you can in Europe until 2020.

This is mostly since the new V4 engine isn’t just more expensive but requires double the amount of time to build on the manufacturing line when compared to the V-twin engine, but which also makes it far more costly for a mid-weight section sports bike that’s price sensitive.

Ducati V-twin Engines

According to reports, Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali stated, “We will not see middleweight variations of this V4 for bicycles such as the 959 Panigale. The engine price is extremely significant. We’ll continue creating the V-twin for your 959. Ducati also introduced a brand new version of this 959 for this season the Corse version, which includes Ohlins NIX30 forks and TTX46 shocks, piled with Akrapovic exhaust cans plus a distinctive paint job.”

So those interested in purchasing the Panigale at India and worried about it going out of production for your new V4 to come in please go ahead and buy one. Cause the V4 will be far more costly and will take some time to achieve India.

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