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5 Things To Know About New 2017 Honda Grazia 125

2017 Honda Grazia 125

Here are five highlights of  2017 Honda Grazia 125

The second scooter, the Grazia of Honda, is a refreshing, feature-heavy scooter with contemporary styling. It’s the eighth version in Honda scooter line-up and is the 125, the other being the Activa 125. This news 2017 Honda Grazia 125 sports an LED headlight vinyl bodywork and a host of exciting features that make it attractive and a fantastic choice.

2017 Honda Grazia 125

Here’s what you need to learn about it.

1.  Isn’t it the same as the Activa 125?
This engine makes 0.2hp less and 0.34Nm more torque than the Access 125, its principal competitor. Overall, this engine offers a great mix for those seeking a practical, yet reasonably involving riding experience, and is fast and elegant.

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2. Why is it ‘Grazia’?
The Grazia is big on features and an all-LED headlight (a segment first) is the highlight of the bundle. Along with this, the Grazia features a 190mm disc brake (only on the top Deluxe variant) and an entirely electronic instrument cluster, that comprises a tachometer as well, apart from the anticipated read-outs for rate, mileage, and trip log and gasoline. The Grazia also features a small ‘glovebox’ from the apron that’s large enough to accommodate a cell phone and also includes a slot for a 12V charging socket (available as an attachment, at Rs 500 additional). Only the bottom version (Standard) has pressed-steel wheels, but even this gets tubeless tyres. The Grazia is offered in three versions — Standard, Standard Alloy, and Deluxe.

2017 Honda Grazia 125

3. How comfortable is it?
While the Grazia is generously sized, its chair is an immediate lift-off in the Dio. The seat is wide and accommodating, though riders tend to go seated on the edge of the light hump which demarcates the rider’s space. On the other hand, the ergonomics are spot-on, and this is complemented by the suspension. The telescopic fork contributes immensely to handling and the ride and can be a departure from the crashy mannerisms of a front suspension. Dive isn’t conspicuous and this adds to the confidence. A mention has to be made of how the engine that is comfortable and unstressed is well under 60kph. It accelerates to roughly 75kph and goes on to indicate that a speed of 88kph on its own speedo.

4. Can its corner like a motorcycle?
A telescopic fork plus a 12-/10-inch (front /back) wheel combination are regular around the Grazia. This configuration satisfies scooters in regards to cornering along with thanks to the MRF Zapper tubeless tyres, the Grazia, is confidence-inspiring. There’s a lot on offer, and even under hard cornering and braking, the 107kg Grazia does nothing unnerving.

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2017 Honda Grazia 125

5. Who’s it up against?
The Suzuki Access 125 is priced between Rs 55,842 and Rs 60,742, while the Activa 125 is priced between Rs 61,046 and Rs 63,488 (all costs, ex-showroom, Mumbai).

So, this is the 5 news things of 2017 Honda Grazia 125.

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